Thank you for visiting during the soft launch phase of The Show Starts Now Studios! We had a wonderful premiere screening at Rodeo Cinema of the first episodes of Take A Bite with Phi and Visiting Haunts. While I am still in the process of revisiting videos and getting content uploaded, I opened up the website to share my current progress. I know some people wished they could’ve come to the screening, so those episodes are now available.

Here’s what’s available to start:

About A Bear: Sheryl Martin gathers stories from Oklahomans about getting through what they never saw coming in this mockumentary film. Life goes on—even during a pandemic.

Take A Bite with Phi: Follow Phi behind the scenes-the-scenes with restaurants to show you food you should take a bite. Watch the first episode!

Visiting Haunts: Travel with author Jeff Provine to haunted places you can visit. The series premiere is available!

Archiving Contemporary Art: Recipient of the Governor’s Art Award for Media Coverage in Oklahoma, Dennis Spielman visits with artists and art collectives about their creative works. At the soft launch, there are two seasons listed. The first season has the documentary, Welcome to the Plaza Walls. Older art stories from Uncovering Oklahoma will consist of the first season. The second season features a brand new story about Sugar High. The second season will include stories that haven’t aired on Uncovering Oklahoma.

Creative Burgers: Uncover delicious burgers, melts, sandwiches, and other creative food with Justin Coleman and Undrell Maholmes. This series was spun-off from Uncovering Oklahoma as its own show. Although we did four episodes for Uncovering Oklahoma, only the last two make up the first and second episodes, respectively, as those episodes contained places no longer in business. This series also has its own branding.

Mesmerizing/Relaxation TV: Take a break with Mesmerizing and/or Relaxation scenes. This Slow TV-style series has two episodes, and I plan to film more over time.

More to be uploaded, including Tales Unveiled, Art & Victory, Leadership Board, and Yes! Science! I’m offering a 14-day free trail as I get everything in order.